Taking the fight to germs since 1922

The Zoflora story started way back in 1922 with the founding of Thornton and Ross by business partners Nathan Thornton and Philip Ross. Back then, Nathan Thornton was the chemist and works manager at a tar distillery and ammonia works in Huddersfield, which produced a whole range of coal tar by-products, including disinfectants and soaps.

In the early 1920s, there was no such thing as a nice smelling disinfectant. The main substance people used, carbolic acid, was effective at killing germs but left behind a horrible odour. Mr Thornton spotted a gap in the market, and used his specialist knowledge to develop Zoflora disinfectant - a powerful disinfectant with twice the germ-killing power of carbolic acid, and with beautiful fragrance oils extracted from real flowers. 

From humble beginnings

Zoflora was Nathan Thornton's great creation and he was eager to spread the word about its revolutionary benefits. So he took it on tour. The product was originally developed for the elimination of smoke and other odours in public places and for killing germs in factories, cinemas, dance and concert halls. Mr Thornton visited these places with a large brass pressure sprayer filled with Zoflora, which he used to demonstrate the product to amazed onlookers. People were so impressed by Zoflora's wonderful aromas that they wanted to use it in their own homes too.

Outline of old bottle of Zoflora disinfectant

Fragrant solutions

The demand for a home version of the product led to the creation of the "domestic user" Zoflora, which came in a small (2fl oz) glass bottle and was only available at chemists for the price of three shillings. It was packaged alongside a larger spray bottle (8fl oz) so diluted Zoflora could be sprayed around the home. 

Zoflora has always been available in a variety of fragrances and sizes, although the fragrance selection has changed over time. Some earlier fragrances included Honeysuckle, Hawthorn, Violet and Night Scented Stocks, while others such as Bouquet and Lavender have stood the test of time and are still as popular now as they were nearly 100 years ago.

Outline of pipet bottle with citrus fruits

Zoflora today

The success of Zoflora over the years has been due in no small part to the quality of the product itself, including its long-lasting, high quality authentic fragrance, developed by expert perfumers, which in Zoflora is at a much higher concentration than is usual for household products.

Today, Zoflora has an incredibly loyal customer following, with over two million households buying the brand. In recent years, the company has invested in a multi-million pound manufacturing and packing facility for Zoflora based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in order to cope with the increasing demands from our customers for a beautifully fragrant home.

Kills germs beautifully

Zoflora is your perfect partner for a hygienically clean home. Our 3-in-1 action formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and create bad odours, as well as filling your home with a beautiful long-lasting fragrance for at least 24 hours.

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